The Power of Youth in the New York Heart of Jazz

Recently I stood before a spontaneous decision of going to an event driven musically by Montclair State University Jazz Ensemble with special guest Marcus Printup. “Should I go, or should I not?” – I was wondering what I could expect from the young generation, undoubtedly with a great workshop. But still, will they be musicallyContinue reading “The Power of Youth in the New York Heart of Jazz”

How Jazz and Shanghai Brought People Together

Opening night of the 35th artistic season at Jazz at Lincoln Center They have toured in over 300 cities across six continents. While traveling with their music, they have always been open to sensitive aspects of other cultures they would witness. They used it to learn and further thrive musicality even more, bringing to otherContinue reading “How Jazz and Shanghai Brought People Together”

Damion Reid, the drummer with the soul of a leader

He plays the way he eats when we meet after a concert to talk at dinner: passionately, with sophistication. As a drummer on stage, he absolutely gives you the feeling he is the front power of an entire band. He is involving to the listeners, authentic and extremely aware of his beats’ impact on anContinue reading “Damion Reid, the drummer with the soul of a leader”

Music Review – Liberty Ellman – ‘Last Desert’

Released a week ago, it already set me in the mood of looping it to get the real vibe of the album. Liberty Ellman’s ‘Last Desert’ is definitely an oasis of sounds and it is very far from leaving a listener hungry, or rather thirsty, for experience of hearing something complex and unique.  The albumContinue reading “Music Review – Liberty Ellman – ‘Last Desert’”

Why Robert Glasper is a genius of modern jazz

As a fan of classic American jazz grown on Coltrane, Blakey and Davis rarely did You Tube do me a favor by helping me finding the real music gems in ‚Next’ list. Not this time: when I saw the link to Robert Glasper’s – ‚So Beautiful’ (Columbia Studio Recording) I had to click it toContinue reading “Why Robert Glasper is a genius of modern jazz”