What is jazzova.com?

It is a blog about jazz music where I publish articles, interviews, reviews and personal, biased opinions.

I hope that those of you who are already familiar with jazz – will burn up your flame of enthusiasm for it here, on my blog. And those who know nothing about it – will discover how jazz can lead you trough the day, or even save your life. If you want to really enjoy jazz – it is time to start asking questions and stay curious! As a music genre – it is one of the most subtle, intricate but also historically – most powerful one.

Join me in endless adventure of discovering beauty of jazz!

p.s. About me: I am a restless researcher of life, a rebeliant, a creative, a writer who is curious of too many things. Hungry for music sounds… and great NOLA cooking. Born and raised in Poland, kicking it in New York.

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