Appeal to Jazz Listeners

Dear jazz lovers, in these trying times of pandemic disease we all are concerned about health issue of our relatives and friends. We have a feeling of uncertainty and specific sense of being lost in a new reality – perhaps it was precisely scripted in a lot of sci-fi movies but not well-adapted in our consciousness. I want to pass a few words of relief to your hearts reminding that jazz music is always on duty to serve you.

These days staying on compulsory domestic quarantine we got a chance to really confront ourselves one-on-one with our own minds. I believe that all of us feel the same way – there came a special time to every one of us to slow down in our lives. This means you can go on with your favorite activities which you have probably been procrastinating for months having real life issues set to a theoretical “a must-do-as-first” mode. 

Jazz lovers, the truth is that no matter how crazy it sounds – we are now back to normal life, the life with a flow that really serves our healthy pace. Let’s turn this compulsory time of isolation into a spiritual period and give yourselves an opportunity to indulge in your favorite music genre. 

Jazz lovers, go back to your favorite recordings! Recall memories that are strongly associated with each of them! Find new tunes and beats that will help sooth your hearts before trying times end. Remind yourselves what miraculous forces has this genre: as Wynton Marsalis said: “Playing jazz means learning how to reconcile differences, even when they’re opposites… Jazz teaches you how to have a dialogue with integrity”. Isn’t it a perfect music cocktail for the next days? 

Jazz lovers, Life is just giving all of us a lesson that we should not plan too much ahead. Let jazz help us deal with unusual state of a solitary isolation or isolation in a great company, or even the challenging one. It will help you go trough the day, trust me.

If in this rough time you can support the musicians you know – express your gratitude to what they did for you in the times when it was possible to gather and see them performing live. Maybe the idea of organizing mini concerts in isolation via Facebook live event would be a great opportunity to spend time with friends/fans in a virtual gathering? 

Stay safe, stay healthy and don’t let this Corona mother#$%^#* stop you from keeping your cool provided by jazz music.

After the silent time music will burst with double power. Photo by author.

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